Friday, 10 October 2008

Monkeys Know How to Fish

Aside from seagulls, what other animals catch fish for their food? Monkeys-yes, ther are "fishermonkeys." Researchers from The Nature Conservancy in East Kalimantan and North Sumatra provinces of Indonesia discovered a species of silver-haired monkeys that fish on rivers for their food.The silver-haired long tailed macaques had been known to eat fruit and forage from crabs and insects, but not fishing on rivers. The researchers spotted these monkeys scooping up fish with their hands and eating along the riverbank.Erick Meijaard, one of the researchers, said that these silver-haired macaques are survivor species, which have the knowledge to cope with difficult conditions and shifthing food sourses. Agustin Fuentes, a profesor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame in the United STates, was not surprised of this behavior. He said that the long-tailed macaques are very adaptive animals. Fuentes had seen similar behaviors in Bali, where he had ovserrved many long-tailed monkeys in paddy fields foraging for frogs and crabs. He said that the macaques ability to thrive in urban and rural environments in Indonesia and northern THailand could offer lessons for endangered species.

We look at so many primate species not doing well. But at the same time, these macaques are doing well. we should learn what they do successfully in relation to other species.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

father of poultry science

Some people care so much about animals that they choose to have pets.they feed and nurture animals,and treat these creatures as a part of their family! can you imagine taking care of animals as a job? well, dr. francisco A. fronda did! dr.fronda spent 60 years teaching and doing research about animals. he wrote poultry science production, a textbook for students studying agriculture in collage and let us raise, a number of books that introduce poultry science to elementary and high school students. he wrote about 500 articles about raising chickens and pigs as a way to earn a leaving. For his important contributions to philippine poultry science, he was awarded in 1980 the title Father of Poultry Science in the Philippines by the Philippine Association of Animal Science. he was also honored in 1882 as the Father of Thai Poultry Industry by her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Thailand for his work in the poultry industry in Thailand.