Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gemini 2009 overview

my entire horoscope of the year!

2009 overview : you're bound to make at least one trip out of the country. think of it as an adventure and not just a holiday, especially since you're feeling the pinch of the credit crunch. Eliminate excess debt and get your hands dirty with DIY home projects. you'll seriously rethink how children do or not fit into your life.

* January to March : you're chasing your own tail in January as your ruler, Mercury, goes backwards. don't lose your sense of humor as February promises friends galore and frenzied travel plans. scrutinize new friends in March to see if they pass your standards or if the veneer is wearing off prematurely. an ambitious colleague needs to be reminded you're capable of standing your own ground at work.

* April to June : make work your primary focus in April. quarreling friends are just too upsetting; you'd rather wait until the feuds sort themselves out. luckily May is a fabulously social time for you and both male and female friends are proving they're worthy of your company. you'll have to wait and see if romance comes out of this too, but flirtations are the order of the day. June is your month for me time, so its early to bed with a couple of great books.

* July to September: july and september are your high-energy times this year. with motivating mars in your sign, you'll be firing on all cylinders. push yourself to give your best performance at work - you wont be sorry. july is also a month for tender love and affection, although early August sees you facing a dilemma as a couple. the decision about whether or not to extend yout debt situation looms in september. graciously accept the outcome.

* October to DEcember : you're in your element in october and given your love of words, could find yourself waxing lyrical about springtime. a more serious tone prevails from the end of october into november: perhaps you're realizing that its time you took your social views and comments mroe seriously? venus will be in your love horoscope in December, so you'll only have eyes for him over the holidays. do pay attention to the topic that's currently on your mind, though.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Next - generation Brain Stimulators

devices that reprogram the brain and other parts of the nervous system will become available soon. one particular implantable brain stimulator being developed will target obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and regain motor function for stroke patients, treat depression and migraine "by stimulating specific nerves with electrical impulses."
The product will be ready in 2011.

wow so amazing! what do you think huh?

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Animal Perfume

Do you know of an animal that is used for perfume?
That's the binturong, or Palawan bearcat. This animal has a tiny sac or gland near its tail that contains civet (say: si-vet). Civet is a valuable odorous substance used as a base for the world's most expensive perfumes.
The binturong looks cuddly because of its kick black fur. But it can be ferocious when it is cornered. It lives long - up to 20 years.
The binturong has a long body and a pointed face. It measures 61 to 96 centimeters long. It weighs 9 to 14 kilograms. It has long tail, which it uses for climbing trees.
This animal is nocturnal (active at night). It feeds on fruits and meat. It lives in deep forests, but may also go out in open areas when it looks for food.
It is hunted for its fur and meat. The fur is used in making caps, wraps, and coats and is even used as decor. That's why its number is decreasing.
have fun reading!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Do You Know?

No-Additive Diet Coke. Coca Cola will remove the sodium benzomate of its canned and bottled diet coke due to consumer demands for healthier products. Based on the researches conducted by experts in United Kingdom, the additive causes health problems such as hyperactivity in children. REgular Coke does not contain sodium benzomate.

what do you think?

All I can say, Well done huh, and good things you've realized it at last! LOL

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Setting a Good Example

Is there a person whom you look up to? Do you know someone who you would want to be like when you grow up? This person whose footsteps you would like to follow is considered your role model.

Everyone has his or her role model. A role Model can be anybody - a famous personality, an excellent leader, a rich businessman, your parents or your older siblings.

A child like you or me can be a role model, too. As a model, all you have to do is set a good examples for others. People tend to imitate that they see others doing. By setting good examples, you give them the chance to emulate something than can help them or the people around you.

So how can you set good examples for others? What things can you do to be a good role model?

My personal Answer:

1. i can set good example to others like i will study hard, i go to school everyday, make my assignments, without being told with my tita, and respect other people.
2. i will follow instructions, both school and at home,
3. i will not shout or yell to my parents nor to my classmates.

what about you?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Start a Discussion

here in the internet, if you are just patient enough to browse and explore, there are many opportunities for us to earn... dont just go online for chat, doing online games, browsing of nonsense things.. let me tell u this, all are just a waste of your time...
visit any website, that interests you. then try to explore things out and think of a positive aspects, or a productive things that can help you in the end.
now a days there are so many ways to earn online... aside from blogging, advertising, web designing,.... and join a discussions, forums over the internet. comment to others post, create a new topic that interest you, or anything that bother's you, and you need an answer. these site is fits your needs then.,

what are you waiting for? join the discussion NOW and starting collecting your $...

enjoy your discussions and good luck for the comments..!!! :D

Thursday, 8 January 2009

For Babies' Sake

there are a lot of babies who would die right after they are born. and sometimes, doctors would not know why.

that is why a Filipino doctor, Dr. Enrique M. Ostrea Jr., invented the mec test . this test checks an infant's first stool after birth; this stool is called meconium . through this test, doctors will find out if an infant has been exposed to drugs and alcohol while in its mother's womb. this way, doctors will know to treat the baby. this will eventually save the baby from getting very sick or form dying.

Dr. Ostrea works in United States. he serves as chief pediatrician for Hutzel Hospital in Detroit. he has earned several awards. he was voted five times as one of 500 Best Doctors in America. He was awarded the Filipinas Magazine AChievement Award for Medicine in 2004.

although he works in the US, Dr. Ostrea comes to the Philippines to share his medical expertise and experience with students and doctors in various schools and hospitals.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I Can't Move!

you want to poo. but when you sit down on the toilet, nothing comes out. you push and push, until it hurts. but still nothing happens.

this condition really happens to me and to kids. and this condition is called constipation. constipation happens when you dont have a bowel movement (pooping) as often s you usually do or when it is difficult for you to move because the poop is hard and dry.

there are many reasons why you get constipated. one of these is you have an unhealthy diet. you probably eat fatty (such as french fries, hot dogs), sugary (chocolates), or starchy foods (cakes, chips). you might not also be drinking enough water or fluids, such as fruit juice. when you feel like moving and you often ignore it, then you fill find it hard to poo later on. you probably spend so much time playing computer games that you dont play with your friends at the park or outside the house anymore. this may also cause constipation.

you can avoid constipation by doing the following:

1. eat lots of fruits and vegetables. these food are rich in fiber. fiber helps in keeping your poop from getting hard and dry.

2. drink lots of water and fruit juice . water and fruit juice keep poop soft.

3. forget about your computer games. call you friends and play traditional games, like taguan, tumbang preso, and a lot more... these games are fun, and will help your body get the exercise you need.

4. ride your bike, walk to school (if its just few blocks away). if you get moving, your bowels will, too!!!...

to all my followers, hope my post today can helps you... good day to all muah !

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back to School........

christmas vacation is over and its backt to school time... grrrrr.. i didnt say that i dont want to go to school huh, its just that i like the feeling not to wake up early, no assignments to make, my tita will not nag at me because id stay very long in the bathroom and il be late in school.. well i understand her actually...

on the other side, i want to go to school because i want to see again my classmates, bestfriends, and teachers,, (naks) HAHAHA.... and mose especially my allowance... whewwwww!!!

see yah all peeps...

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Respect....... What?????

What's the big about respect? A lot. respect is basic and of great importance in everyday life. Looking deeper at the most common problems we have in school and our community, we will find that the very reason why we have them is basically due to lack of respecet. it would seem that now, a lot of people seem to take the value of respect for granted.

in school, we find writtings on the walls of classrooms, and comfort rooms, on desks and tables.

at home, our children might not respect us parents, like they will not obey us, they will answer back at you.. those are disrespectfull act though.

punishtment and disciplinary consequences would no longer be needed. respect, not fear, is always more effective.

respect therefore must bein with oneself. respect for others would be difficult if not impossible if there is no self-respect, they are deeply connected. true and genuine respect goes beyond social status, age, profession, financial status, or religion. all persons should be treated with respect simply because they are persons. respect must also be freely given to the things around us and to rules and laws that govern us. respect thenis not only accorded to the persons ot things we like but even to the people and things we dont like or principles we dont believe in.

according to Stanford Encyclopedia for Philosophy, respect is a central concept in many ethical theories and some theories treat it as the very essence of morality and the foundation of all the moral duties and obligations. therefore other values such as obedience, honesty prudence, responsibility, and courtesy are all founded on respect.

as individal we must start to review our ways, let us practice self-respect and consequently respect for other, and most impotantly respect for GOD. pls read this "the role of respect in our lives as individuals, as people living in complex relations with other people and surrounded by a plethoraof other beings and things on which out attitudes and actions have tremendous effects, cannot be taken lightly."

let us begin now, then hopefully we can expect to have a more peaceful, orderly and safer community or maybe even a less corrupt society in the future .

Have a good day followers and readers!