Friday, 14 November 2008

This Animal Has Healing Powers

Allan was telling Mario about his favorite superhero. "My favorite superhero is Wolverine. He's a member of a X-Men and he has claws and unbreakable bones. But what I really like about Wolverine is that he has super healing powers. He can get cut, and he will just heal right back," said Allan. "Yeah, Wolverine is cool!" said Mario. Teacher Patty was listening to them. So she came over and joined in their conversation. "Did you know that there's super healing powers?" "Really?" said Allan and Mario. "That animal is called the newt, and it's an amphibian. It looks like a lizard. What's amazing about the newt is that can it can grow back a leg. It can get its leg chopped off and it will grow back in a few weeks," said Teacher Patty."Wow! Even Wolverine can't grow back his leg if it gets chopped off. How to do it, Teacher Patty?" asked Allan. Scientists are studying newts so they can find out the secret of theire super healing powers.They still haven't figured it out," but they're working on it," said Teacher Patty. "It would be great if humans could heal like newts. It would be almost like having super powers," said Mario.